Weight Management 

Why use hypnotherapy to achieve your ideal weight? 
People have been using hypnotherapy to achieve a healthy weight and feel good for decades and there is a growing body of hypnotherapy for weight loss research to support its effectiveness. 
Most people who come to see me are looking for help in losing weight. However, I have also helped people who wished to gain weight, using a very similar approach (creating a healthy relationship with food and exercise, resolving underlying issues that have contributed to weight gain or loss, helping to remove blocks, and increasing self-esteem). The programme I offer has an underlying structure that can be adapted to your needs. 
Some people have problems with their weight as a result of maladaptive responses to stress, anxiety, anger or shame (for example, comfort eating). 
Others have simply lost touch with the needs of their physical self and others use eating (or not eating) as an attempt to control their environment or something in it. 
Hypnotherapy involves communication with your subconscious mind, which is stronger than your conscious mind and is where all behaviour patterns and habits are stored. We work together to address the underlying reason for the weight problem, building motivation and self-esteem in the process. 
My approach includes focussing on the benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, managing underlying emotions and developing more helpful habits that improve your health and how you feel about yourself. 
What is the Hypnotherapy for Weight Management programme? 
A programme of 6 sessions, usually on a fortnightly basis.  
The programme has been designed to help you achieve your ideal weight through regaining a healthy relationship with your body and your emotions.  
Because weight loss or gain is not instant, it is important to give yourself time to create the changes that are important to you, which is why the programme features 6 sessions – usually a fortnight apart. This gives you time to assimilate and embed healthier habits and notice the changes, maintaining momentum and benefiting from my support for a number of months.  
It is important to realise that some conscious effort and full participation in the programme are vital for success. 
Sessions are naturally individually-tailored to each client and particular issues that are relevant can be worked through.  
Features of the programme are: 
Six sessions (some people may require more than this and we can discuss if necessary) 
Strategies for neutralising particular triggers 
Work on removing blocks and addressing inner conflict 
Increasing feelings of self-worth 
Some support material for use between and after sessions to help you create further change 
Recordings of the hypnosis portion of each session so that you can listen at home and reinforce suggestions between and after sessions (recommended) 
Please note that, to ensure holistic care and support, if there is a lot of weight to lose or gain or if there is an underlying medical condition affecting the weight or a diagnosed or suspected eating disorder, then it is important to see a doctor before we begin work together. 
If you are ready to get into shape and feel good about yourself, then give me a call or email me to see how I can help you! 






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