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  In gratitude for all the invaluable work being done by NHS staff and people working as carers - either in care homes or in the community - at this difficult time, and also in recognition of the likely very high levels of stress, anxiety, fear and worry, I would like to offer a free hypnotherapy session to anyone in these two groups between now and the 31st January 2021 - subject to availability. This is is open to both those living in York and around the UK and is in addition to the anxiety and stress relief recording that is freely available on this website.  The session can be used to help with any issue other than smoking cessation, weight management, IBS and childbirth and will last approximately 60 minutes. Hypnotherapy sessions are either face-to-face in the centre of York - when it is appropriate according to personal circumstance and government guidance - or conducted online, which is very similar to face-to-face sessions and has the same benefits.  If you are interested, then please contact me using the contact form or by emailing me at Make sure to mention this offer. You will need to show your staff card or ID to qualify, but naturally, all sessions and enquiries are confidential unless I am concerned about your safety or that of someone else.  

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