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Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing experience. People can have slightly different experiences: some hear the hypnotherapist’s voice and external sounds throughout, others drift off at times and do not consciously hear anything. Occasionally, people feel that only ten minutes have passed, when in fact half an hour or more has gone. Every experience is individual, but people frequently report that the relaxed, calm feeling remained with them long after the session ended. 
Yes, successful therapy requires commitment, so come prepared to work and make changes. Hypnotherapy is very powerful and helps you achieve lasting results. It is not magic, though, and change is all about choice. You decide how much work to put in to get the benefits you desire. You need to be open and honest, and you need to complete any tasks that are given to you. 
Hypnotherapy cannot claim to cure any serious illness. However, it can and does help alleviate the pain, discomfort and anxiety that are often caused by such illnesses. If seeking treatment for any physical or mental illness or chronic pain, it is essential that you seek your doctor’s advice and bring a referral letter with you to the hypnotherapy session (I can provide a template for this, if you like). 
Nobody can be made to do anything they do not wish to do. Although we are communicating directly with the subconscious mind during hypnosis, the conscious mind is always present. This means that you are always in complete control and can choose to open your eyes and end the trance at any time you wish. 
No. It is impossible to ‘get stuck’ in trance. As with daydreaming or focussing on an activity, people either come out of their trance when something demands their conscious attention, or the relaxation deepens until they fall asleep. In a clinically-induced trance, I will count you gradually out of the trance so that you emerge feeling refreshed, alert and ready to get on with the rest of your day. 
It depends on the individual client and the particular issue. Sometimes people will find their issue is resolved completely after just one or two sessions, but other people may feel that they need more sessions to really get to where they want to be. The reason I offer packages of 3 and 5 sessions for most issues is that experience has shown me this is the number most commonly required; most clients I see for a single issue come for 3-6 sessions, usually once a week, but this is flexible depending on the work we are doing. 
After finding out more about you and how you respond in the initial session, I will be able to advise you as to the likely number of sessions you will need in order to achieve your goals to your satisfaction. We will then regularly evaluate your progress and decide together whether you would benefit from further sessions. 
During the first session, I take a detailed personal history and we discuss your specific goals in order to establish the most effective approach for you. You will also experience hypnosis as I talk you into a deep state of relaxation, make positive suggestions to your subconscious mind that have been tailored to your needs, and then count you slowly back into full alertness. Upon trance termination, there usually follows a reflection stage in which we discuss the experience and outline any further treatment where it is felt to be necessary. 
Any subsequent sessions will begin with a discussion of how things have improved, followed by further work in hypnosis. I sometimes give homework assignments to support you between sessions and, depending on the issue you are seeking treatment for or the stage of treatment, I will give you a free recording of the session that you can listen to at home in order to further reinforce the positive changes. 
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